Week 10, Regular Season Round 8, Wednesday the 18th of July 2018

Field 1 # Field 2 #
6:30 PM Putney Panthers Marc Wyer Touch & Go Paul McMillan
Nice Tries Chris Tuohy & Andrew Sutherland Phantoms Phil Smith & Andrew Gaston
7:20 PM Dunneworthy Victor Rod-Rey & Marc Wyer Spiderpigs Paul McMillan & Phil Smith
Slightly Touched Nathan Bricknell Touched Up  Caleb
8:10 PM Electric Mayhem Victor Rod-Rey Heidelberg Dissenters Paul McMillan
UV Black Marc Wyer Nabtural Talent Ryan Thomas
9:00 PM Pretty Astrid Peter Shaw Untouchables Paul McMillan
The Clams Mireille Ixtreme Team Victor Rod-Rey

Bye: Sugar Gliders, Trumpet Fish, No Woman No Try