Week 16, Grand Finals/playoffs, Wednesday the 28th of February 2018 – final week

Finals are listed below in bold. Other games are playoffs. Note no extra time/drop offs, in the event of a draw the higher team goes through

  Field 1 # Field 2 # Field 3 # Field 4 # Field 5 # Field 6 # Field 7 #
6:00 The Flagons Andrew Edbrooke Ixtreme Team Jarrod 100 Shots Bryce Leigh  The Nice tries Riki Tarau  Team Touchasaurus Victor Rodriguez  Spiderpigs Mireille
Must tag Sally Phil Smith & Jeremiah Ticknell
Boats N Hoes  Ed Heyworth Can’t Touch this Darcy  Scrum on my face   Dushanti  & Philippe McConnell
Slightly Touched Ben Joukhadar & Chris Tuohy
Sugar Gliders Nathan Bracknell  Good Try Hugh Spencer Midnight Runners Phil Matenga
6:40 Dunneworthy Bernie McMullen UV Black Jarrod  Easy Touch Tiger Marc Wyer  Barlies Riki Tarau & Matt Pitt
Muchos Touche Victor Rodriguez  Untouchables Mireille Heidelberg Dissenters Jeremiah Ticknell
Comic book heroes Ed Heyworth Putney Panthers Caleb Young  Pretty Astrid Chris Tuohy Traded For A Washing Machine Max Daly  Phantoms Nathan Bracknell   Touch Me In the Dark Hugh Spencer The lost Children  
7:20 The Goodies GianCarlo That Don’t Impress Me Touch Jarrod  Titans Brad Chant
Electric Mayhem Chris Tuohy Touch is life Victor Rodriguez  Touch & Go Hugh Spencer    
Lakers  Darcy Don’t want no scrum    Yippee Try Yay Marc Wyer  Touched Up Ben Joukhadar Hammertime  Paul Lassig The Magic touch      

Chris Tuohy and Darcy doubtful

Dave Diack, Terry, Mick Younger first slot