Week 18, Grand finals/playoffs, Wednesday the 27th of February 2019

There is no extra time in finals at PPT, in the event of a draw, the team higher on the ladder is declared the winner. Finals are listed below in bold. Other games are playoffs.
Field 1 # Field 2 # Field 3 # Field 4 # Field 5 # Field 6 #
6:00 Slightly Touched Phil Smith Putney Panthers Victor Rod-Rey Phantoms Dushanti The Clams Andrew Edbrooke Paul McMillan
Can’t Touch this Marc Vandenbroucke & Michael Giannoukas Ixtreme Team Bernie McMullen & Ryan Thomas touch#metoo. Josh Stevens & Paul Lassig Metros Tigers Ben Joukhadar & Dan Boss Nathan Bricknell  
6:40 Heidelberg Dissenters Marc Vandenbroucke Untouchables Victor Rod-Rey Traded For A Washing Machine Jordan Titans Bryce Leigh Skux Life Aiden Spence Touch Me In the Dark Paul McMillan
UV Black Samantha Forrester & Michael Giannoukas Dust Donkeys Bernie McMullen & Will Vickery The Nice tries Brad Chant Dunneworthy Matt Mathieson & Ben Joukhadar Electric Mayhem Dan Boss Touchasaurus Josh Stevens
7:25 Summer Touchin’ Phil Smith Scooby Goobies Paul Lassig No woman no try (Jordan Watson) Brad Chant Don’t want no scrum Bryce Leigh No woman no try (Rebecca) Caleb Young Barlies Paul McMillan
Pretty Astrid Ross McFarlane The Goodies Victor Rod-Rey #MUHCWORLDWIDE Giancarlo The lost Children Matt Mathieson 100 Shots Mireille Keogh Ashurst
Bye: Scrum on my face, Touch & Go, Nabtural Talent, Bottom Rung Blue Tongues, Touched Up, The Mighty Duds, Turtles, Cattle Dog