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Princes Park Touch is a non-profit organisation devoted to touch football.

Our motto is “Social touch in Melbourne’s heart” and we intend to be the best social sporting organisation in Australia. We do this by providing the opportunity to learn the sport through our training programs, play in our weekly social competition, a pathway to progress through our refereeing and representative programs, and most importantly an atmosphere to socialise with other members.

All regular participants are members and are expected to behave as members. The requirements for membership are simply that you support our aims which are:

To further social opportunities, touch football and other social sports for juniors and adults in the City of Melbourne and adjoining areas

Playing and refereeing members have additional requirements, which are outlined below (please open each item individually, you do not need to read the links and it will take less than 5 minutes to read).

Players and referees are expected to:

  • Register your details

    As a members organisation we need to know who you and be able to contact you. As a touch organisation we need to know you highest level of play. We need you to provide accurate information and for you to keep it up to date

    Apart from reporting some player data to Touch Football Australia, this data is never shared outside of Princes Park Touch, it remains private.

  • Be in uniform

    Every player on the team is expected to be in uniform. It is usually the captains responsibility to organise a uniform for the team, this needs to be done by week 3.

    Being in uniform involves being in a similar coloured top and design to the rest of the team. The tops do not need to be identical but they do need to be close enough in that the referee can tell players are on the same team. The top must also have a permanent number (taped on numbers are not acceptable)

    We have a grace period for the first two weeks of the season from week 3 it is mandatory. Teams will be penalised a try for every player not in uniform and persistent offenders will not be able to play.

  • Wear appropriate footwear

    Most footwear is fine. Runners or any type of flat soled shoe are always fine. Shoes with small molded ridges, small stops, or dimples are also acceptable.

    Rugby boots, long studs, screw in studs, or any type of metal spike cannot be worn.

  • Communicate promptly

    At PPT we go the extra mile to ensure games go ahead every week, we do not allow forfeits (and this is easily achieved if everyone does their part). As such we expect everyone to communicate promptly and honestly. For players this includes

    1. Doing their best to be available to play touch every week
    2. Advise their captain as soon as possible if they are unavailable.
    3. If they are available, then be there to play even if team numbers are low.

    If you are communicating directly with the committee we also expect honest and prompt communication.

  • Check in to events

    Always sign on before games, it takes 10 seconds and is used for membership, insurance, registration, and finals eligibility.

And understand that:

  • We play in all weather

    We participate in Touch Football, a sport that is played in all weather conditions

    We don’t cancel or delay/postpone events (games and training sessions) unless required by law or we consider conditions unsafe, both are very rare. You should assume should that games are going ahead and if in doubt check the website. Please avoid calling or emailing.

  • That you are covered by insurance

    Once registered you are covered by the same insurance policy that covers all affiliate touch comps Australia wide under the auspices of the national body. More information here

  • If you want to know more

    The website/app is comprehensive, so if you want to know something please check it before communicating with us. With over 600 members it is important that people check the website first.

    Please send official or non urgent or semi urgent communication to our email: info@princesparktouch.com, we check it every day. For anything urgent please give call our president on: 0414 315 957

    For informal matters please come and chat to us at the grounds during our events, we like chatting to members 🙂

  • Captains have additional expectations

    Captains and acting captains have additional expectations that are outlined here

  • You are a member

    That you are joining or have joined our association and should be behave as a member to other participants who are also members

Membership is free and there are no other obligations with membership.

Published by

Peter Shaw

Has been involved with Touch football since 2000 after return from playing semi professional rugby in England. He is the founder and president of Princes Park Touch.