PPT Referees - Winter 2018

Referee at PPT

Over recent years Princes Park Touch has grown by over 60% and we are now the largest single night of touch in the state. However without referees there is no touch so it is vital that we bring new referees into our comp.

We make a point of paying our referees very well and we believe we have the best environment to play and referee in Victoria so if you are interested in refereeing with us please contact me:

Refereeing is a great way to keep fit, make friends, earn money and it will improve your touch (most of our referees also play at PPT).

At PPT our referee program ensures our refrees are the best looked after bunch in Victoria. Not only do we pay better than any other compatition, but we also pay for all courses and most imprtantly we keep it social such that every Wednesday after the last game we provide refreshment and food to our referees (typically a bbq over Summer and Pizza over Winter).

How to become a referee?

The first step is to let us know and we will buddy you up with experienced referee to show you the ropes, you will be paid for your time while you learn.

It is also beneficial to do a refereeing course. A list of courses wil be posted available here:

Princes park touch will pay for the course and its durations is approximately 4 hours, and once you have done the course you can begin refereeing with a buddy (and getting paid). Once you have sufficient experience I will assess you and award you your level one refereeing badge and you will be a qualified referee!


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Peter Shaw

Has been involved witth Touch football since 2000 after return from playing semi professional rugby in England. He is the founder and president of Princes Park Touch.