Wednesday week 9 – Regular season round 6 – 27th of January

Bye: Scrum on my face, Smashing Dumplings

  Field 1 # Field 2 # Field 3 # Field 4 #
6:10 Easy Touchy Tiger Victor Rod-Rey Untouchables Jose Touched Up Phil Wallis Vipers Stu McClintock
Nice Tries Michael Gao Slightly Touched Simon Jeary Phantoms Phil Smith Cheech Michelle Ellero
7:00 Dunneworthy Victor Rod-Rey Lakers Jose No Woman no Try Phil Wallis Barlies Stu McClintock
Don’t want no Scrum Michael Gao Lost Childrem Simon Jeary Cattle Dog Phil Smith UV Black Michelle Ellero & Nathan Bricknell
7:50 Pretty Astrid Victor Rod-Rey Art Jocks Jose Can’t Touch This Rob Mitchell Electric Mayhem Giancarlo
Grass Cutters Michael Gao Touchasoreass Guy Edgar Clams Dan Boss Yager Bombers  

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Peter Shaw

Has been involved witth Touch football since 2000 after return from playing semi professional rugby in England. He is the founder and president of Princes Park Touch.