Team and individual Regos are now open

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Team and individual Registrations are open for our Summer 2020-21 touch football competition, located in Melbourne’s heart: Princes Park.

Like last year we will have our usual social mixed on Wednesdays, as well as social mixed, social womens and mens on Thursdays.

Our start date for Wednesday will be the 25th of November and for Thursdays the week after on the 03rd of December. These dates are inline with the roadmap and approvals but as you know this is subject to change. Details of how we will handle covid, fees and other information on the season is available here:

To enter a team or join as an individual follow these instructions:


If you are an individual or small group without a team, wishing to be placed into team please use our Individual Players form and follow the instructions.Every year we place large numbers and there is no cost for placement.

New Teams

To enter a new team (i.e. a team that has not played with us before). Please ensure you have familiarised yourself with this seasons competition. Then download and complete the following Team Registration Form and email it to:

If you have not collected all your players details do not worry (we will send you a link where you can add additional names later), just ensure the following are details are recorded:

  • Team name
  • Captains or primary contacts details (phone number and email)
  • Approximate standard of team, note your actual grade will be determined over the grading round(s)

Once we have received your form we will hold a place for you in the competition.

Existing teams

Please send us an email and we will reactivate your team for the upcoming season.

Or for any other inquiries please contact Pete and Brad on:

PPT Spring preseason program

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In an effort to build the social touch community in the inner north of Melbourne, we are running the PPT Spring pre season program.

In November we will be providing team coaching for existing teams and training and refereed scratch matches for unaligned players looking to start playing touch or those just keen to upgrade their skills or get back into it.

The preseason nights will incorporate an interview, coaching and playing components and will be used to assess unaligned players and place them into teams to play in the PPT Summer competition. We have now locked in the following dates, these are in line with the roadmap and approvals (but noting the government could change these timelines).

The next preseason night is

  • Thursday the 26th of November at 6:20PM for 6:30 (for all other players)


  • The venue is Princes Park, Carlton. I´ll have flags up so will be easy to find. Map here


Our pre season nights incorporate:

  1. A short chat with one of our committee to determine individual player experience and what sort of touch you wish to play.
  2. A short training session, with groups broken up by ability.
  3. A refereed scratch match to guage ability and provide a fun run around

These nights are primarily for individual players. Existing teams wishing to attend and take advantage of some coaching  are welcome but are requested to let us know and we’ll try to allocate an experienced coach specifically for their team.

To receive update on our pre season program and player placement please please fill out the:

PPT and Pete Shaw in The Age

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“El presidente”€ Pete Shaw and Princes Park Touch featured in The Age

A couple about to get married, a pop musician and touch rugby players are among Victorians thrilled with the latest easing of coronavirus restrictions.
The Age | Carolyn Webb

Juniors at PPT

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In 2020 Princes Park Touch plan to run a 6 week mixed junior touch program for boys and girls in years 7-9. The program will run for 6 weeks and will progress in terms of competition.

I will be presented by experinced coaches/referees with a backround in education and junior coaching and will be run under the auspices of an approved COVID “return to play” plan.

The location of the program will be Princes Park, Parkville and it will run from 4:30PM to 6PM. The dates are detailed below, they are in line with the approvals for sport under the current Victorian Roadmap, but if the targets are not met then the dates will be amended:

SWITCH 2020 will be the first back

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In 2020 at PPT women are leading us back out onto the field. Sessions continue on Thursday nights, through November and December.

All women no matter what their level of play are welcome to attend our womens program (SWITCH). Sessions have now moved to Thursdays

  • When: Thursday the 26th of November and Thursday the 03rd of December. Bth sessions are 6:20PM for 6:30PM
  • Where: Princes Park, Carlton. This is our Summer Location for training and competition

More info of SWITCH and how to sign up are available below

What is SWITCH?

Twice a year Princes Park Touch in partnerhsip with VicHealth run a FREE learn to play touch and fitness programs to Strengthen Women in Touch Football (SWITCH).

These programs run for 5-6 weeks and are targeted at females who are new or inexperienced players.

The program teaches basic fitness, ball skills and an introduction to game play with the emphasis on having fun in what we believe is the best game. We supply everything, all you need to bring is yourself and your playing gear.

The program will be predominately run by experienced female players who can also share their experiences and at the conclusion of the program (those that don´t have a team) will have the choice of being placed into a team

The program will last 4 week with the regular season (subject to case targets) starting at its conclusion.

or if you have any questions contact Brad: