Park life 3

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This week we are going to address our pub sponsor and individual players

Pub sponsor

Unfortunately Rick Richards the owner of Hardimans has sold his hotel last year and it still has not reopened. This was completely unexpected but these things happen.

Thankfully the Doutta Galla have matched Hardimans offer and will be showing the game tonight so grab a voucher get a jug of peer get a cheap parma!

We will miss the old Hardimans and hopefully the Doutta are a good replacement but we would also appreciate our members (ie you) letting us know what you think

Individual players

If your team needs extra players please let us know via email, we have a a few people still looking to get involved so you are doing us a favour.

Any questions?

Park life week 2

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This week we are going to address uniforms and our season structure.

Season structure

This week is the final week of grading. Which is used to purely to assess team ability. Please note that given there are plenty of new faces mismatches in grading may occur. But grading enables us to match teams closely over the remainder of the season.

Next week we start regular competition (where your points count) which runs for 12 weeks. Followed by another two weeks of finals and playoffs (which everyone plays). Which means that all teams get 13-14 games (as each week a few teams will have a bye).

Over the weekend we will be publishing the draw for week 3 to 5. After that the grades will reassessed. Please note that on state of origin nights we will be running an abbreviated nights with a third of teams having the bye. We can accommodate most fixture requests so if you want a specific week off get your captain to let us know.


Teams are reminded of our uniform policy, it is in the faq on the website. Basically every team has to be in a uniform, ie in a similar colour with a number (it can be drawn or pinned), on the back.

We give teams some grace over the first few weeks but after that we start penalising teams tries for players not being in uniform.