Park life week 2

Peter Shaw Posted on by Peter Shaw

This week we are going to address uniforms and the membership faq.


Teams are reminded of our uniform policy, it is in the faq on the website. Basically every team has to be in a uniform, ie in a similar colour with a number, on the back.

We give teams some grace over the first few weeks but after that we start penalising teams tries for players not being in uniform.


Unlike other comps Princes Park Touch is a non profit incorporated association and its players and referees must be members. One of the conditions of being a playing members is that you have read the membership faq on the website:

It is a 6 minute read and there are no excuses everyone is expected to have read it.

Park life week 1

Peter Shaw Posted on by Peter Shaw

Every Winter we do announcements before every game! This give us the opportunity to communicate to teams important information, answer questions, and provide coaching tips. This week we are going to address grading and signing on


This week and next are grading rounds. Results do not count towards final ladder positions but are used, along with your team nomination, to determine your teams ultimate grade for regular season play. But also note that teams are regraded after grading is over.

Please note that given there are plenty of new faces mismatches in grading may occur. But grading enables us to match teams closely over the remainder of the season.

Signing On

Every player should be signing on every week. PPT is moving to online sign on. Instructions are on laminated sign on cards that you will find in the score boxes and on the A frame next to the desk.

Note this is part of a trial so we would really value your feedback on its effectiveness and how we can improve.

Hardimans are back

Peter Shaw Posted on by Peter Shaw

In 2017 Hardimans was sold and renovation began.

Renovated Hardiman’s

In 2019 Hardimans are back, newly renovated and looking fantastic! Today I have met with the new management and they are back on board as our Winter pub sponsor. The usual arrangment of a voucher entitling the team to a free jug of beer at Hardimans Hotel will be offered to every team every week!

Hardimans remains an iconic pub in the heart of Kensington only 4km from Melbourne’s CBD, that offers something for everyone. Renowned for its friendly social environment, live entertainment, good food it iss a great place to meet or hold your special event. We are the social competition so get into the social spirit and get along to Hardimans.