Team entrys closed

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We are shutting team registrations (temporarily). If you are one of the three regular teams that we are holding a spot for please email your rego form through ASAP.

If you wish to enter we will probably be able to fit you in (we are also trying to secure additional fields) but your registration will be pending so please contact us:

We are still taking individual registrations (for placement into teams). Please use the form here:

PPT Summer 2017-18 starts soon

Peter Shaw Posted on by Peter Shaw

Firstly welcome on board for another season of social touch, this is just a heads up of a few things before our season starts in three weeks

Teams Fees

Full fees for the season are $1300, this is split between a $500 deposit plus $800 residual. For those teams who have not yet paid the deposit ($500), it is now due and unless arrangement have been made with us we expect it before week 1

Our bank details are:

Name: Princes Park Touch Association
Bank: ANZ
BSB: 013-017
Account Number: 186067798


Unlike most competition we are members run. The means we have been able to extend the opportunities for players e.g. our representative program and presidents drinks.

But it requires players pitching in themselves. The key way is to join the refereeing ranks. It is good fun, social, and well paid.

The best way is to do a course, details here:

If you have a referee in your team who is keen to get back involved then please put us in touch, we really look after and value our referees.

This is important!!
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