Formal photos

Formal photos

A rugby tradition is the formal photo, once a season as a important memento of the season. We take many photos throughout the season but it is important that we capture every team at least once per season formally.

Photos of Wednesday teams for the most recent season are available here

Photos of Thursday teams for for the most recent season are available here (Summer only).

Wednesday week 5 – 07th of June

Field 1 # Field 2 #
6:00 Untouchables Andrew Edbrooke The Hoonies Ralph Viane
Touched Up Ben McSweeny Only Phans Phil Smith & Jonathan Tay
6:48 Dunneworthy🍻 Roger Young The Goodies🍻📷 Ralph Viane
Touch McClatchy🍻📷 Paul Avers & Ryan Thomas Look but don’t touch🍻📷 Matt Wilson & Jonathan Tay
7:36 Northside Heat Roger Young The Fighting Fantails Ralph Viane
The Lost Children Andrew Edbrooke & Paul Avers Latrobe Eagles Matt Wilson & Ryan Thomas
8:24 Pretty Astrid Andrew Edbrooke KP Phantoms Ralph Viane
Electric Mayhem Roger Young Sugar Gliders Matt Wilson & Kurt Strachan
9:12 The Benchwarmers Phil Wallis Tryz and Beerz Rob Mitchell
Dodgy Hips Roger Young Legs O’ Ham United Giancarlo

Bye: Tuggeranong Hyperdome, Loins, and Not from here

📷 Teams having their photo taken formally

Wednesday week 4 – 31st of May

On live rubber state of origin nights we run an abbreviated night with three time slots and extra teams having the bye.

Field 1 # Field 2 # Field 3 #
6:00 Tryz and Beerz Roger Young Electric Mayhem Maia Morse Two for Touch Andrew Edbrooke
Tuggeranong Hyperdome Matthew Wilson Sugar Gliders Ben McSweeny Not from here Ryan Thomas
6:50 Dunneworthy Matthew Wilson Northside Heat Maia Morse Touch McClatchy Andrew Edbrooke
Legs O’ Ham United Roger Young & Phil Wallis Latrobe Eagles Nathan Bricknell Untouchables Stu McLintock
7:40 The Lost Children Matthew Wilson Dodgy Hips Giancarlo KP Phantoms Andrew Edbrooke
Pretty Astrid Maia Morse The Fighting Fantails Loins Roger Young