Thursday week 14

Mixed regular season round 10

Semi finals/playoffs for men

Mens semis in bold. Both A and B grade are using a 3 way round robin format.

Field 1 # Field 2 # Field 3 # Field 4 #
6:00 Lazer Pigs Peter Shaw Only Phans Ryan Thomas How I Tagged your Mother Paul Lassig Patchwork SimonJeary
Touch Potatoes Cowboys Angels Nathan Harris Yager Bombers Phil Morrison & Jono Tay Lobster Corgi Storm Giancarlo Leung
6:20 Lobster Corgi Storm
The Turtles
6:45 100 Shots Alex Colussa The Parrots Ryan Thomas RuPaul's Tag Race Paul Lassig Patchwork SimonJeary
Can't Touch this🍻📷 Daniel Dunford The Hooners Jono Tay Sugar Gliders Phil Morrison & The Turtles Giancarlo Leung & Dean Williams
7:05 Josh McConnon James Randell The Hoonies
The Blues
7:30 The Lost Children🍻📷 Peter Shaw Tagliatelle📷 Ryan Thomas The Funny Ruckers🍻 Paul Lassig The Blues🍻📷 Rob Mitchell
No Rucks to Give Cooper The Fantails📷 The Yellows🍻📷 Jono Tay No Hesi Giancarlo
7:50 No Hesi
The Hoonies

Bye: Latrobe Eagles

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📷 Teams having their photo taken formally
🍻 Teams invited to presidents drinks

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