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This week is week 13 of our 17 week season (the longest in melbourne). At this stage all grades are extremely even and almost all teams can make finals. So an update of how the rest of the season works is in order:

Draws grades etc

draws and grades were finalised over the Christmas split round and I have published a draw for weeks 13 and 14. I am currently trying to get additional space to run 7 fields on weeks 15, 16, and 17 (and hence eliminate the byes for those rounds), so a draw for week 15 is pending but should be published shortly. For all grades (except C grade) week 15 will be the final week of regular season round robinÂplay.  However those teams missing finals playoff for placings so everyone will play through to week 17 (subject to byes if I cannot secure extra space).

Due to its large size C grade (formed from the bottom half of B/C grade) will run a three week finals series starting in week 15.

Week 16 and 17

Are semi final and grand final weeks for teams making finals. Because there is limited daylight and no floodlights there is no extra time at RPT. In the event of a draw on full time the higher placed teams are awarded the win in finals matches. Those teams missing the finals will play off for minor ladder positions in friendly matches (although its all friendly at RPT).

Start times

As the days are now getting shorter from next week (january 29th), we revert back to a 6PM kickoff for our first time slot.


Our uniform policy is now in place. More info at the: FAQ

Great Northern Hotel

Most importantly hang around for a snag from our BBQ or get down to the Great Northern and have a drink in the beer garden. Every week the referees have beer vouchers available so whether you win or lose ask the referees on your field after the match and he should have one for your team. Social touch is what RPT is all about!

See you on the field


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