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Hopefully you noticed the flags of StoreLocal Northcote flying last night. Everyone needs storage at some point in their lives (even touch associations), these guys are the best in the business. 10% off for PPT members.

<html><body><blockquote class=”wp-embedded-content” data-secret=”xR6WqGe2RX”><a href=””>Northcote</a></blockquote><iframe class=”wp-embedded-content” sandbox=”allow-scripts” security=”restricted” style=”position: absolute; clip: rect(1px, 1px, 1px, 1px);” title=”&#8220;Northcote&#8221; &#8212; StoreLocal Self Storage” src=”” data-secret=”xR6WqGe2RX” width=”600″ height=”338″ frameborder=”0″ marginwidth=”0″ marginheight=”0″ scrolling=”no”></iframe></body></html>

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