What is a representative player

At PPT we consider a reprepsentative player anyone who has over the last 4 years either:

  1. Represented Victoria at touch at any age group between 16 and 50 or
  2. Played more than 4 games of VT League in that time

We dont want to stop player taking the next step while playing at PPT so we have an exception for players who first qualify under the above rules whilst also playing regularly for a social team in our competiton is excepted from the rule for their games with that social team in our competition.

The committee will also consider exceptions to this rule on application as long they don´t compromise the social nature of our competiton.

We are primarily a social competiton with an emphasis on learning and fun. We have found that players learn the sport faster if experinced players are spread throughout the teams in our social competion rather than playing together and such this rule is enforced.

Published by

Peter Shaw

Has been involved witth Touch football since 2000 after return from playing semi professional rugby in England. He is the founder and president of Princes Park Touch.