The Wrap

The Wrap (sometimes referred to as a “run around” or “loop” is one of the more common Sub Unit skills, and can be very effective if performed correctly.

The purpose of the Wrap is to gain an advantage over you opposition by creating an overlap in attack (eg. 2 on 1 situation).

Teaching points:

  • Runner with ball delivers a quick and accurate pass to a team-mate
  • The receiver accept the ball whilst running straight, then veers back towards the direction of the pass
  • The outside support players drift away from the receiver to create room for the wrapper to run into
  • The runner (person who passed the ball) accelerates around the receiver
  • Receiver passes the ball outside to the runner
  • Runner straightens through the gap

Common errors

  • First pass is too slow
  • Runner too close to the receiver (thereby the defender can cover both player adequately)
  • Not looking at ball when receiving
  • Support players not drifting out
  • Receiver not moving forward once they catch the ball (this allows more room for the wrapper to get around)
  • Poor timing of second pass
  • Receiver turning around to pass (thereby taking their eyes off the defenders)
  • Not straightening once receiving the ball back (thereby running into your team-mates defender)

Have a look at the basic video clip on how the Wrap is performed (Wrap Drill – Play clips) then have a look at how it is performed in a game (Wrap – Demo clips). Take note of how the player with the ball watches the defender to make sure they don’t change players.

Wrap Drill – Play clips

Wrap – Demo clips

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