Wednesday week 2 grading round 2 and juniors afternoon 3

Like week 1, week 2 will be a grading round comprising two half length games (equal to one full length game).

Games on field 5 are half length but not part of the winners losers field swap system used for grading. It is essentially a three way round robin.

Field 1 # Field 2 # Field 3 # Field 4 # Field 5 #
6:00 Ball Busters Andrew Edbrooke
Pretty Astrid
Davis Mukuha Touch McClatchy Rob Mitchell Electric Mayhem Roger Young
Untouchables Terry Porreca Tryz and Beer Paul Lassig Easy Touchy Tiger Steven Quinn Touch For The Very First Time Phil Smith
6:45 No woman no try Andrew Edbrooke Legs O’ Ham United Giancarlo KP Phantoms Ben McSweeney Smashing Dumplings Phil Smith Team Will Vickery Nathan Bricknell
Lakers Terry Porreca Can’t Touch this Davis Mukuha Cattle Dog Rob Mitchell Don’t want no scrum Roger Young The Buzzy Bees Kurt Strachan
7:05 Team Will Vickery
Scrum On Eileen
7:30 Dunneworthy Andrew Edbrooke The Slipperies Giancarlo Northside Heat Jake Lewis Soapy Dolphins Steven Quinn The Buzzy Bees Paul Lassig
Slightly Touched Terry Porreca Tryz and Beerz Touched Up Daniel Boss The Grass Cutters Roger Young Scrum On Eileen