Thursday week 13 – 16th of February

Mixed regular season round 9

Semi finals/playoffs for men

Men’s semi’s are in bold, friendlies/playoffs are in normal font. In finals there is no extra time so in the event of a draw the team placed higher on the ladder goes through. Men’s teams missing finals are still playing this week (and next) in friendly matches, this week the men’s teams missing finals play two half length matches.

Field 1 # Field 2 # Field 3 # Field 4 # Field 5 #
6:00 Touch Potatoes Andrew Edbrooke Don’t touch me Josh McConnon PPT Blue Peter Shaw Starsky and Touch Roger Young The Turtles Robert Mitchell
Every Time We Touch Phil Anderson Good times and friends Phil Morrison Cowboys Angels Loins Paul Avers No Hesi Riki Tarau
6:45 Try me a river Andrew Edbrooke Only Phans Bill Rjoub Touchy Feely Phil Morrison Tagliatelle Paul Avers Chargers mens Riki Tarau
The Fighting Fantails Curtis Young Soy Latte Daniel Dunford How I Tagged your Mother Mike Dolan The Lost Children Dean Williams The Yellows Ryan Maher & James Randell
7:05 Chargers mens Riki Tarau
The Hoonies Ryan Maher & James Randell
7:35 Stingers Andrew Edbrooke The Goodies Peter Shaw Wobbly Knees Liam Carrington Lobster Corgi Storm Paul Avers The Yellows David Watts
Chargers Mixed No Rucks to Give RuPaul’s Tag Race Bill Rjoub PPT Funny Ruckers Matt Roberts & Robert Mitchell The Hoonies

Bye: Sugar Gliders and 100 Shots

Teams invited to presidents drinks