Wednesday week 14 – 15th of February

Our last two weeks on Wednesdays are finals and playoffs. Semis are in bold, friendlies/playoffs are in normal font. In finals there is no extra time so in the event of a draw the team placed higher on the ladder goes through.

Bolded games on fields 4 and 5 are D grade semi finals. They are using a different finals format in which 5 teams each team play a round robin of two half length games. The top 2 of the 5 will contest the D grade grand final in week 15

Importantly PPT is about participation. Therefore teams missing out on finals still playoff for positions, so if your team misses finals you are still playing this week and next week.

Field 1 # Field 2 # Field 3 # Field 4 # Field 5 #
6:00 Legs O’ Ham United Giancarlo Leung Ball Busters Terry Porreca Touch McClatchy Ralphen Viane
Easy Touchy Tiger Roger Young & Bella Eichler Smashing Dumplings Jedidiah Fagasua & Ben MCSweeny The Grass Cutters Karthik Rajesh & Kate Hansen
6:20 KP Phantoms Dan Boss Born to try Bella Eichler
Touched Up Steven Quinn Barlies Peter Shaw
6:45 Untouchables Giancarlo Leung The Buzzy Bees Terry Porreca Scrum On Eileen Ralphen Viane Touched Up Dan Boss Barlies Bella Eichler
The Slipperies Roger Young Northside Heat Jedidiah Fagasua Tryz and Beerz Karthik Rajesh & Nathan Bricknell Born to try Steven Quinn Brunswick Greens Phil Wallis
7:05 Brunswick Greens Bella Eichler
KP Phantoms Phil Wallis
7:30 No woman no try Giancarlo Leung Electric Mayhem Roger Young Soapy Dolphins Ralphen Viane Can’t Touch this🍻 Bella Eichler
Don’t want no scrum Terry Porreca Slightly Touched Jedidiah Fagasua Cattle Dog Karthik Rajesh Pretty Astrid🍻 Rob Mitchell & Kurt Strachan
Bye: Dunneworthy, Lakers

Teams invited to presidents drinks