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This is a brief explainer of our our women’s program: Strengthening Women in Touch (SWITCH) relates to the social competitions we run.

SWITCH is a 3-4 week program that incorporates training and that builds into playing as the program as the progresses. Everything is provided for free as we want to make it as easy as possible for all women to learn and make friends through the sport. SWITCH is run before the start of our social competitions.

Our social competitions come in two types. Full length mixed competitions that run for 14-16 weeks (early May to August over Winter and November to early March over Summer). And a 4 week women’s competition that runs in May over Winter and November/December over Summer. Both start at the conclusion of SWITCH.

During the SWITCH program in weeks 2 through to 4 we conduct a 3-4 minute interview to understand what each participant wants from touch after the program has finished. All participants are offered the opportunity to be placed into teams that play in both the mixed and women’s competitions, but it is fine just to do the program.

The women’s competition is an extension of SWITCH, we create the teams and the captains usually come from the trainers. It is provided for free or at a token cost. But it is an organised competition.

We run the mixed competition but the team are independent. So placement is in the form of an introduction to the captain. If you join a mixed team the captain will likely ask you to contribute towards the team fees for the season. Every team does this differently but it is usually $120-$150 for a full season of touch (around 14 games), touch is not an expensive sport. These introductions usually occur in the week before the social season starts and the two weeks after it has started (so don’t stress that you do not have a mixed team at the start of the mixed season, mixed captains often ask on the first night)

If you want to do the mixed we highly encourage participants to participate in the women’s competition as well. This is because doing the women’s competition will ensure you have the skills to play an active role in the mixed format. This may mean that over the 4 weeks of the women’s competition you may play 2 games (1 mixed, 1 womens) on 2-3 of those nights. The two games will never be at the same time, will be back to back (with a short break) and the women’s will always be at a similar time slot to the SWITCH sessions..

I hope this makes sense, please reach out if you need anything clarified

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E-mail: info@princesparktouch.com

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Peter Shaw

Has been involved with Touch football since 2000 after return from playing semi professional rugby in England. He is the founder and president of Princes Park Touch.