Placement process

If you’ve enquired via our website about playing at Princes Park Touch in our weeknight social competitions (Wednesdays over Winter and Wednesdays and Thursdays over Summer) you may be wondering how we go about getting you on the field. This is a short summary of how it works and hopefully it answers any questions you may have.

The first thing you might we wondering about are costs. In terms of placement there are none, Princes Park Touch is a non profit and our aim is to maximise participation. Therefore we place players into teams completely free of charge. This is primarily done through our pre season and SWITCH programs which are also completely free.

If you join a team that play in our weeknight social competition’s you will likely be asked by the captain to contribute to that teams team registration fees or other costs (eg uniforms). The teams in our social competition run independently of the committee of PPT and each handle these costs differently so it is impossible to advise the exact cost for a season playing one our social teams. But it is generally between $100 to $150 (all inclusive, including insurance) for a 13-14 game season of touch. Shorter season such as our women’s competition will be proportionally less.

Our placement process usually works in two ways

Pre season placement

Before our social competitons start we run a number of events. These include our womens training program (SWITCH) and evenings for prospective players called pre season nights. Both are completely free, highly enjoyable, social (we usually head to the pub afterwards) and the best way of being placed. This is because you get to learn and play touch through these nights AND most importantly we get to meet you and ascertain what sort of team you like to be on.

We prefer to do things in person at PPT so players that attend these nights get preference in terms of placement and we help out the vast majority of attendees. This is the best and our preferred way of getting people involved

Placement once the season has started

If you have contacted us after our season has started or were unable to attend one or both of our pre season nights we will still try to find you a team. But placement during the season is not always possible as teams are generally full and we also prioritise those who attended our pre season. But if a teams has a vacancy, e.g. due to injury, we will put you in touch via email and text with that team.

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Peter Shaw

Has been involved with Touch football since 2000 after return from playing semi professional rugby in England. He is the founder and president of Princes Park Touch.