Placement process for captains

This is just a quick explainer of what we expect from captains when we introduce players to them to be (hopefully) added to the team.


A major priority at PPT is healthy teams and part of that is a healthy number of committed players. As members organisation we expect more of our captains but we support them far MORE.

Over the course of a season teams may be low on players and we expect captains to be proactive and reach out to us for additional players (if they cannot recruit from their own contacts).

We almost always have male players keen to join and generally also have females. Therefore we are happy when teams reach out to us for players. In general these players have reached out to us via our website. If they do so before the season starts we try to get them down to our pre season or SWITCH program so we can meet them, as this tends to eliminate tyre kickers. After the season has started this is not possible.


If a team is short their captain should reach out to us (ideally by email), asking for extra players. We will then arrange an introduction via email with the intention that those players are sent to join the team, this will include all contact details we have for the potential player.

The captain of the team should reach to that player promptly and if they do nt respond they should follow up (we will generally send their phone number as part of the introduction).

The important part of this process is circling back to us with the outcome. If the player has joined the team that is great, if they cannot and advise you that is also fine, but if they are a time waster, flake, ghost or of otherwise poor character we want to know. This because the same people may (and have) request placement in the future and we want to ensure those joining our association are good people (and that starts with good communication)

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Peter Shaw

Has been involved with Touch football since 2000 after return from playing semi professional rugby in England. He is the founder and president of Princes Park Touch.