Wednesday week 2 – Grading Round 2, Switch week 5, and round 2

Week 2, like week 1, will be a grading round comprising two half length games (equal to one full length game) for all teams. These games are used to assess the level of play for teams.

More info on our season structure is available here.

The womens games are full length, they are bolded.

Due to 4 week womens competition in weeks 1-4 and the shortened night for state of origin in week 5, every mixed team will have 2 byes over the first 5 weeks. We have extended the season by one week and made othert changes to ensure that every teams still get a 13 game season as usual (longer than other similar competitions).

Bye: Dunneworthy, Lakers, Touched Up, No rucks to give, KP Phantoms, Untouchables, Pitch Please

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