Wednesday week 3 – regular season round 1, and womens round 3

Week 3 is the beginning of teams play 1 full length game per night for competition points.

Due to 4 week womens competition in weeks 1-4 and the shortened night for state of origin in week 5, every mixed team will have 2 byes over the first 5 weeks. We have extended the season by one week and made othert changes to ensure that every teams still get a 13 game season as usual (longer than other similar competitions).

This also effects our usual rotation of timeslots, so you might have a preponderance of late or early games during this period. This will even out once the womens competition is complete.

Bye: SharkAtouch, Sugar Gliders, Adams Angels, Relaunch, Pretty Astrid, Slightly Touched, Electric Mayhem, Smashing Dumplings