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Winter 2023 on the run home - Archived

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PPT Wednesdays are reaching the business end. This Wednesday is week 15 of 16 and semi final week for many teams. But not the end of the season for any team. Here are some points for the run home:

4 fields for Matildas

I don’t care for soccer but the Matilda’s are popular and we are all about making people happy. As such the format has been extended to 4 fields and a 6PM start to shorten the night and hence minimise the overlap of our night with the Matilda’s match. This was changed Sunday afternoon so just double check your time (for most the change is just moving things 10 minutes earlier)

Playing sport should always come before watching it (don’t play a team sport if you think otherwise) but we are all about making people and 80% can do both so lets do it. There are 4 teams with some overlap who will mss 30 minutes of the match.

Not the end of the season for any team

The most important point, for those teams who are new, is that if your team misses finals, All mixed teams will continue to play in both week 15 and 16 whether they are playing finals or not. Remember as per the members faq we don’t do forfeits so be communicative and organised.

Formal Photos

Every team has a formal photo taken once per season, it’s a rugby tradition and PPT tradition. We’ve a few to catch up on so be cooperative with our photographer this Wednesday.

End of season breakup/presentation night

Please schedule a team dinner for our final week (week 16 –  Wednesday the 23rd) in the diary and/or get a leave pass. Attendance is expected for all teams playing in grand finals and highly encouraged for everyone else. All teams will be playing that week with presentations and drinks the Sarah Sands Hotel.

So lock in dinner on the 23rd and see you all on the field


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