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At about 8:30 the all lighting in the precinct went out (except emergency lighting in the pavilion). This is unusual. It’s been almost 10 years since we’ve ended a night early.


The results in the third slot will stand as complete with the score as they were at the time the lights went out. In rugby in matches that have started the second half stand if ended due to unforeseen circumstances and that is the approach we will take.

Games in the fourth will be replayed over the next two weeks. That will mean double headers for 4 teams (2 per week). The second game in the double header will have an abbreviated duration and will be the game missed due to the lights. Team effected will be contacted immediately to ascertain their preferred week.


The approach in these situations is to assemble at the pavilion and await further instructions. Most did that but a few went home, before being advised. This should never happen. Most issues are intermittent or are resolved quickly (e.g. localised lightning usually clears within 10-15 minutes) and games can resume

In this case we made the assessment and advised everyone within 15 minutes that they could leave. But the key lesson is don’t leave until advised.

Going forward

The underlying problem has been identified today but until major works are undertaken there is a small chance it may happen. If it does it will be possible to restore lighting within 15 minutes (the appropriate key and access panel has been identified) but importantly we need everyone on board with the above protocol of assembling in the pavilion (in the unlikely event it reoccurs).

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