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This week brings us to week 16 of the Wednesday competition. The last round of our Summer competition for Wednesday teams and also the night of end of season celebration. At PPT the social side is more important than what happens on the field so read on for details of the evening (hint get long to the pub for an end of season drink) and also what is coming up after our Summer season ends.

All teams are playing) so check the results and see where your team is placed and who you are playing in the grand-finals, playoffs, semis or friendlies.


Are here Wednesday draw

  1. If your team name is bolded in the draw you are playing in a Grand final this week. Other teams are playing friendly or playoff matches
  2. All teams are playing this week and the weather this Wednesday is forecast to be perfect!
  3. Due to everyone playing through to the end of the season we do not run extra time in finals at PPT, in the case of a draw the higher placed team will be declared champions.

If for some reason your team is struggling for players let me know ASAP as it is important to us that everyone who wants to play on our last night can do so.

Free BBQ

We will be running a free bbq for teams playing in the first and second timeslots (not the third) So grab a snag after your games, (perhaps bring a slab) watch the grand finals and then head to the GNH for our end of season party

Drinks at Great Northern Hotel

Following the final time slot we will be adjourning to the Great Northern Hotel for presentations and an end of season drink. Please lock in dinner for your team, get a drink voucher from your referee or the desk, there will be extra vouchers and we look forward to seeing you there.

What is to come

Whilst this is the end of the the Wednesday mixed Summer season this is not even close to the end of touch, so please read below and pass onto to your friend:

Winter Season

Regos are open for our Winter season, returning to Royal Park North on Wednesdays. Details are on the website. Get involved.


Also on the website will be details of our women’s programs to Strengthen Women in Touch, ie SWITCH, running for 6 weeks from the start of April in Kensington. This program is a joint venture between PPT and Vichealth is free for members and we highly encourage all female players intermediate and below to get involved. Registration is here:

Please get involved and spread the word to your female friends, family, team mates etc.

See you on the field and lets have a drink afterwards

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