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The fields we use on Brens oval, fields 5 & 6 (east of the zoo) are getting hammered and the current council polices are unclear and in the interests of preserving the fields and maintaining a good relationship with other clubs and the City of Melbourne we have agreed to a flat shoes only policy on fields 5 & 6. Most players already play in runners and no one should be playing on any field in football boots as per our shoe policy, but we have to make this stricter on fields 5 & 6.

The above image shoes the maximum amount of tread now allowed on shoes worn on fields 5 & 6.

Please ensure this passed on to all your players if you team is playing on those fields as soon as possible so they pack their runners.

Please note I´m frustrated too, but the short term pain this season will be worth it next Summer when we return to Princes Park and the new clubrooms.



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