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I am writing this note to clarify the current state and structure of the comp (including finals) over the final quarter of the season.

Firstly, Affiliates cup. More info below but most importantly can every captain please make sure the better player in the team are aware and encourage to get involved if they are free?

Affiliates Cup
On Sunday 21st February, TFV are running the Affiliates cup at Elwood park. PPT is planning on putting in mens, womens and mixed teams. More info here:


So if anyone in your team has what it takes to play for PPT let Brad Chant know, email back this address or phone him on: 0400 070 077. It is not too late to get involved, represent your comp and play at a higher level.

We have been out and about taking photos over the last two weeks and there are some fantastic team and action shots here:


With so many shots your team is bound to be there so have a look and click through to the Facebook page if you want to tag yourself or your team mates.

List of players
Unfortunately the national body (Touch Football Australia), require us to keep a full list of players playing in our comp. As such if you have not sent in a full list of players please do so ASAP (unregistered players will to be able to play finals).

Teams are reminded of our uniform policy:
Most teams are very good in this regard but for the benefit of our referees penalties for players out of uniform will be enforced in finals.

This season we have been a bit lighter on for referees tha we would like.

Without referees there is no touch so it is important we keep adding to he ranks of whistle blowers. So if anyone you know is a qualified refree or is interested in getting qualified please put us in touch.

At PPT we look after our referees the best and it is a very enjoyable and social thing to be involved with. More info here:


Season Structure

This Wednesday Wednesday is week 14 of our 16 week competition, and all grades are very close. More info is in the season draw and ladders pages. But to reiterate for those that didn’t know.

Week 14
As it is the last regular season round. For all teams but it is NOT the last game for any team IE this is not the last week.

Week 15
This is semi final week for all grades (for those teams that make finals).

Those teams missing the finals who don’t have a bye will still play off in friendly matches for final ladder positions. (although its all friendly at PPT). Subject to some teams having a bye.

Week 16
This is grand final week for teams making GF’s and our last week.

We will be running a full program and deploying temporary arrangments to ensure all all teams can and will play in our final week. Those teams missing the finals will play off in friendly matches for final ladder positions.

There will also be extra drink vouchers and an end of season function at the Great Northern Hotel that night so keep it free.

Pub Sponsor and social side
Finally its social touch, so hang around for a snag for our BBQ or get down to the Great Northern and have a drink in the beer garden. Every week the referees have beer vouchers available so whether you win or lose ask the referee on your field after the match and he should have one for your team.

Our comp is all about having fun and that fun is not just on the field!

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