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This content has been archived and may be out of date.

Week 3 brings us to the start of regular season competition and a draw for regular season round 1 is available here: https://princesparktouch.com/social-competition/

A draw for weeks 4-5 will be also be published later in the week please let me know ASAP if you have any specific request as I may be able to accommodate (if you let me know).

Unlike grading, games from now on are full length and for competition points.

We do juggle the grading every 2-3 weeks during the first half of the season to ensure an even standard so grades during this period are still fluid but for what ever grade you end up in you will keep the points accrued from now on.

Byes, state of origin and season structure

We have decided to restructure the draw to accommodate the three state of origin games. We will be running three time slots (not the usual 4) on those nights and this will mean:

  1.  A third of our teams will have the bye in each of the three state of origin weeks.
  2. Those teams playing in the early slots will be able to see the game in its entirety and even those playing the 8:10 slot will only miss the first half.
  3. To accommodate this and still ensure every team still get the longest season in Melbourne touch (13-14 games) we have extended the season by one week.

The game will be on the screen in the clubhouse so either bring a slab or get along to Hardimans to catch the game.

The Pavilion and parking

For new players a map to the ground is available on the website, and for those coming via car there is parking both of Altona Street and behind the pavilion in Childers street. As previously outlined this season we have access to the Bill Vanina pavilion this season which is by far the best facility in touch in Victoria. So for those needing to get changed there will be male and female change rooms and toilets available.

Signing on

Signing on is important, it covers your for insurance and qualifies you for finals. This is important so please ensure you name and your teams mates get on the sign on sheet.

Individual Payers

If your team needs 1 or two more players I do have a few more floating around, so let me know.

Any other questions

Make sure you and your team read and understand the FAQ on the website: https://princesparktouch.com/faq/

It contains vital information about our comp for both players and team captains.

See you Wednesday

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