Winter Location

This season Princes Park Touch has had its Winter location changed from Kensington to Royal Park North. This venue is much closer (400 metres north west) to our Summer location in Princes Park (hence the reason we call ourselves Princes Park Touch for both seasons).

Our Winter fields are on the Ransford Oval and are the closest touch football fields to the Melbourne CBD with a great grass surface, lighting, parking, pavilion, and change rooms.

The fields shown by markers 1 and 2 below, The fields are 300 meters from Royal Park train station and a similar distance from Jewell station and the number 19 tram.

  1. Field 1 Winter - Sounthern end of the Ransford Oval
  2. Field 2 Winter - Northern end of the Ransford Oval
  3. Ryder Pavilion - Pavilion and changing room just south of the fields
  4. Royal Park Station - 300 metres south west of the fields