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This is a heads up on a few things as we head into the penultimate week of our comp. The most important being that I gave you a bum steer last week around fields. On Wednesday I found out that the council has remarked the fields on the McAlister so our competition will be re-united in one location, so please let your team mates know that field 1 and 2 and are now back to their original location North of the Zoo.

This week brings us to week 15. For teams that have made finals it is semi final week, for the rest it is friendlies and playoffs.

The key points to understand are:

  1. If your team name is bolded ion the draw you are playing in a semi final this week. Other teams are playing friendly playoff matches
  2. Win or lose this is NOT the end of the season, all teams play through to the end of the season.
  3. Despite what I said last week the council have now moved us back to the one location in Royal Park North of the Zoo. So fields 1 and 2 are now back on the McAlister oval (where they were before Christmas). I have updated the maps on the website. But let your team mates know.
  4. Almost all teams play this week and all teams will play in our final week (16).
  5. Due to an uneven number of teams in some grades and in order for some teams to have a game this week I have scheduled a few non finals games across grades.
  6. A few teams are playing the same team as lest week, this is just just a function of ladder position leading into finals.
  7. Due to everyone playing though to the end of the season we do not run extra time in finals at RPT, in the case of a draw the higher placed team goes through.

Now a question for you guys do you have any suggestions around where we should conduct presentations? Our current sponsor (the sporting club) has mixed reviews. Any feedback is appreciated.

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