Thursday week 3 – regular season round 1

Field 1 # Field 2 # Field 3 # Field 4 # Field 5 #
6:00 100 Shots Roger Young Cowboys Angels Victor Rod-Rey Melbourne Chargers Bill Rjoub Touch For The Very First Time Paul Avers Soy Latte Riki
Parrots Lost Children Dean Williams PPT Yellow Rob Mitchell Team leigh Lehane Malcolm Thornton Nabtural Talent Ryan Thomas
6:50 SWITCH Game Tristand McGrath Hatch Roger Young Turtles Bill Rjoub Starsky and Touch Paul Avers SWITCH Game Riki
SWITCH Game Davod Mukuha Team Sean Donovan Victor Rod-Rey Lobster Corgi Storm Rob Mitchel & Dan Boss No Hesi Malcolm Thornton SWITCH Game Ryan Thomas
7:40 No Rucks to Give Rob Mitchel The Goodies Victor Rod-Rey MUIRTEAM TRFC est. 1945 Bill Rjoub Touch Potatoes Paul Avers Tagliatelle Ryan Thomas
Every Time We Touch Peter Shaw Scrum On Eileen firstTOUCH Dan Boss RuPaul’s Tag Race Matt Strong Stingers James Randell
Bye: PPT Blue, Funny Ruckers, Touchy Feely, Sugar Gliders, Good times and friends