Thursday week 2 – 16th of November

Mixed grading round 2

Men’s and women’s regular season round 2

Like Week 1, week 2 will be a grading round comprising two half length games (equal to one full length game) for all mixed teams, except those teams on field 5.

Men’s games are full length competitive games

women’s games in bold, also full length

Field 1 # Field 2 # Field 3 # Field 4 # Field 5 #
6:00 Only Phans Peter Shaw Yager Bombers Maia Morse The Lost Children Paul Lassig Cowboys Angels Matt Wilson
The Fighting Fantails Jono Tay & Amy Chow 100 Shots Kate Hansen No Rucks to Give Nathan Harris The Hooners Zan McCahon & Phil Morrison
6:50 Wonder women Roger Young Boss Ladies Maia Morse PPT Blue Paul Lassig PPT Funny Ruckers Matt Wilson The Reds Peter Shaw

Pink Panthers
Amy Chow Queen Bees Daniel Dunford The Hoonies Matt Roberts Lobster Corgi Storm Phil Smith No Hesi Malcolm Thornton & Jono Tay
7:35 How I Tagged your Mother Rob Mitchell Touch Potatoes Maia Morse Lazer Pigs Paul Lassig Latrobe Eagles Matt Wilson

Sugar Gliders
Josh McConnon Tagliatelle Dean Williams Can’t Touch this Malcolm Thornton The Yellows Phil Morrison

Bye: RuPaul’s Tag Race and The Turtles