Yoga with Grace

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Guys get on board, Grace know her yoga and her husband Ben is a great guy/referee/player.

Do you want to improve your flexibility and agility when playing touch football?

Reduce your risk of injury and discover stretches to help relieve any muscle tightness or aches and pains.

This workshop will lead you through a sequence of poses specifically designed for men, allowing you to work at your own pace and level.

And ladies, if you’re reading, think of your partner, brother, father, friend… and grab them a ticket to this yoga workshop especially designed for men…

Also, because you’re reading this here, get your 20% discount with the code YOGA20 when booking your ticket.

All details here:

Any questions?
Email Grace at

Park life 15

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This week we are going to talk about the final week of our Winter season (next week) and what happens if there is a draw.

If there is a draw
Teams playing finals should also note there is no extra time at PPT, so in the event of a draw the higher team on the ladder (listed first) goes through to the grand final.

Week 16
Next week is week 16 and the final week of our Winter season. As usual all teams play through until the end of the season subject to byes (so this is not your last week even if you lose). End of season presentations will be at this stage be held held our pub sponsor the Doutta Galla Hotel.

Park life 14

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This week we are going to talk about weeks 15 and 16 (which include finals)

Week 15 and 16
This is week 14, weeks 15 and 16 are our last two weeks and are also the weeks in which finals occur. Finals structure is details on the website under the season draw section. More importantly teams not playing finals still play in week 15 and 16 (subject to some byes).

So this is not the final week for any team.

Summer Season

Registrations are now open for our for our 2018-19 Summer. Full details are on the website.

Park Life 13

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This week we are discussing the following:

Winter Format

There are now only 4 weeks left of winter season with Summer season starting mid to late October.
The finals will take place over the final two weeks with all teams playing except those with byes.

Represent PPT

Our first session is this Sunday at 11am, meeting at Princes Park. All welcome.

Representing PPT can be at either a competitive level or social level. You can also play Men’s, Woman’s and Mixed divisions.