Week 15, Semi finals, Wednesday the 21st of August 2019

Our last two weeks (weeks 15 and 16) are finals and playoffs.

The semi final structure is 1 plays 4 in A/B Grade contesting A Grade finals and teams finishing 5-6 in A/B Grade contesting B Grade finals. Teams finishing 1-4 in C and D grades will contest C and D grade finals respectively. In finals there is no extra time so in the evnt of a draw the team placed higher on the ladder is declared the “winner”.

Importantly teams missing out on finals still playoff for final position (over weeks 15 and 16), so if you miss finals you still play in weeks 15 and 16.

  Field 1 # Field 2 #
6:30 PM Pretty Astrid 14 Touched Up 8
Phantoms 3 Scrum on my face 8
7:20 PM Dunneworthy 9 Ixtreme Team 5
The Nice tries 5 UV Black 5
8:10 PM Electric Mayhem 2 Skux Life 4
Slightly Touched 4 Smashing Dumplings 8
9:00 PM Putney Panthers 8 No woman no try 3
The Clams 7 Dummy and Dummer 4

Bye: Untouchables, Sugar Gliders, Nabtural Talent

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