Wednesday week 1 grading round 1 and juniors afternoon 2

Week 1 will be a grading round comprising two half length games (equal to one full length game) for all teams. Grading games are used to assess the level of play for teams. More info on our season structure is available here.

Please note this is grading so mismatches will occur  as we have news teams and new players across all teams. But grading helps us better match teams for the rest of the season.

Due to our limited window we need to start as soon as possible. However fields have not yet been marked. Council have promised that they will be. But due to the public holiday on Tuesday this may not occur until Wednesday morning. In the (unlikely) event the councils grounds team do not follow through (and fields are not marked buy Wednesdays PM), then this round will be postponed. We will however still provide a limited number of teams on request with referees/coaches if they wish to still attend the park for an informal run around.

Please do not email us asking for updates on the status of this. Just assume the round is going ahead and as soon as we know we will update the website.


Bye: Born to try

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