Wednesday week 1 2024

Wednesday, May 8, 2024 6:00 PM to 9:40 PM AEST

Women’s round 1

Men’s round 1

Week 1 will be a grading round comprising two half length games (equal to one full length game) for all teams except for the women’s and men’s matches, which are full length matches for competition points. And the mixed games on field 3.

Grading games are used to assess the level of play for teams, they do not count for premiership points, being grading there can be mismatches but it helps us better match teams for the rest of the season. More info on our season structure is available here.

Due to 4 week women’s and men’s competitions in weeks 1-4 and the shortened night for state of origin in week 5, every mixed team will have 1-2 byes over the first 5 weeks. After that with the exception of week 12 (state of origin 3) there are no further byes planned teams will get a 13-14 game season as usual (longer than other similar competitions).

Note our Winter location is Royal Park North, 500 meters northwest of our Summer fields in Princes Park.

Bye: Untouchables, Tryz and Beerz, KP Phantoms, Look but don’t touch, Electric Mayhem, and Lakers

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