Thursday week 7 – regular season round 5 – split round

Round 5 will be a split round such that everyone plays in either weeks 7 or 8, but not both.

Field 1 # Field 2 #
6:20 Lobster Corgi Storm 3 firstTouch 7
No Hesi 7 The Yellows 6
7:10 100 Shots 5
Parrots 7

Bye: Turtles, Touche, Starsky and Touch, Hatch, Team Sean Donovan, PPT Blue, Melbourne Chargers, MUIRTEAM TRFC est. 1945, PPT Funny Ruckers, Touchy Feely, Scrum On Eileen, RuPaul’s Tag Race, Touch Potatoes, Adams Angels, The Lost Children, Tagliatelle, Sugar Gliders, Touch For The Very First Time, Soy Latte, Stingers, Good times and friends, The Goodies, Cowboys Angels, No Rucks to Give, God loves a tryer, Every Time We Touch

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