byes explanation

This season we have more byes than usual as several of our regular teams, despite warnings, left it late to register. We decided to to  let them in as:

  1. We value the relationship we have with our teams
  2. Council indicated a 7th might be available later in the season (this has not proved the case)

The maths on this means that a large majority of teams play 13 games over a 16 week season, with a small number (who entered late) getting 12 games.  This is less than our usual number (in previous seasons most teams would 14 spread over 16 weeks, and a few would get 13). However, this is better than other city comps (where the average number of games is 12).

Published by

Peter Shaw

Has been involved with Touch football since 2000 after return from playing semi professional rugby in England. He is the founder and president of Princes Park Touch.