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Team Captains,

So Winter 2023 is up and about, we’ve finished grading (although I still do regrade over the season) and this our biggest Winter season ever! Some things to highlight over the coming weeks

Women’s competition

We have our final week of our second ever women’s competition this week. It has caused some disruptions to the fixture’s (some team have had heaps of early or late games). This will even out.

The men on those teams playing in the first slot on Wednesday with women in the women’s teams are encouraged to hang around and watch the games. And PPT will supply drinks for those that do.

State of origin

Next week is state of origin and we are running our usual abbreviated nights with only three slots starting at 6pm. This means that again 25% of teams have a bye but it also means that every team playing can catch the game (those playing in the last slot would miss the first 20 minutes). The match will be on at the Sarah Sands and we shall have extra vouchers and we highly encourage teams playing to catch up for dinner and origin after their game. To that end and to assist the social side any teams that have specific fixture requests (times or byes), let me know by Sunday evening (we are keen to help).

Three other things

Signing on

This must improve, as per the faq everyone must sign on every week. It takes 30 seconds

Teams lists

Every team needs to send me a team list, this includes those that have already sent a registration form. Just names should suffice as if people are signing on they are already in the system. Note you can add players later (just make sure you send me their name)


We need everyone in uniform every week. Its week 3 so the only excuse is if a team has a new set of uniforms on order and has let us know. Everyone else should be uniform.  Fill ins should not be a frequent occurrence (if you need players let us know), but if they are teams should have spare tops for them.

Next week we will be penalising teams if they have players out of uniform.

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