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Update, lockdown is lifted from tonight (Wednesday evening) so we are right up proceed with Touch on Thursday

Obviously with the recent announcement the games on Wednesday the 17th of February cannot go ahead. As such we are postponing (not cancelling) the Wednesday round for that week. We shall extend the Wednesday season by a week to accommodate.

The round scheduled for Thursday competition on the 18th is not affected by the current lockdown atm so we plan to go ahead with games on Thursday but we shall monitor the situation and update as more information becomes available.

Whilst we can and will postpone rounds, no amateur sport is allowed to use flood lighting in the city of Melbourne over Summer. Thus we are limited by daylight as such extending our season further into March (considering we started later anyway) means much shorter games at the tail end of our season.

If the premier extends the lockdown on Wednesday then Thursday´s round will be postponed like Wednesday´s round but we need all Thursday teams ready to play on the 18th so we don’t waste our daylight.

I have been and will continue to lobby the City of Melbourne to change the floodlighting rules as Princes Park has minimum issues with residents but this is unlikely to change this season.

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