Mens grades finals series start Thursday

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Week 13 on Thursday nights is the start of the finals series for mens teams. The finals will run for 3 weeks. The format will essentially be the the Page-McIntyre system used by the VFL from 1931–1971.

The key difference is that we will be arrranging friendly matches (were possible) for those eliminated or with a week off.

The system

In week 13 (week 1 on finals) 1 v 2 in both grades will play a qualifying final with the winner qualifying for the grand final and 3 & 4 will play in an elimination final.

In week 14 (week 2 of finals) the winner of the elimination finals will play the loser of the prelimiary finals. The loser of the A grade elimination final will play the winner of the B grade qualifying final in a friendly. The winner of the A Grade qualifying final and the loser of the B grade Elimation final will have the week off.

In week 15 (week 3 of finals) there will be A and Grade grand finals (winner of the qualifying finals versus the winner of the preliminary finals). Plus friendly matches for the other 4 teams. All mens teasm will be playing on our final week (week 15) and we hope you will join us at the Great Northern Hotel after your games.

In all finals at PPT there is no extra time so in the event of a draw the team placed higher on the ladder is declared the “winner” and will move on to the next round.

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