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This week we are going to address uniforms and signing on.


As per the membership faq everyone must be in uniform

From this week that includes unique numbers on the back of each uniform, numbers must be permanent (drawn on is okay) and legible to the referee.

A team is considered in uniform if that a team is clothed in tops of a similar colour. The tops do not need to be the same but they do need to be close enough in colour and design that the referee can tell players are on the same team.

Teams will be penalised for players not in uniform and from next week without numbers. The penalty will be in the form of tries per player not in uniform awarded to the non offending team (up to a maximum of 3 tries).

Signing on

Players are reminded that they need to sign on every week for registration and insurance purposes, its online and it is working this week.

Any questions?

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