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Like last season we are doing announcements before every game over Winter! This will give us the opportunity to communicate to teams important information, answer questions, and provide coaching tips. If you are reading this post you will hear the same information before your game on Wednesday evening.

This week we are going to address grading, fees, and memberhip.


This week and next are grading rounds, they don’t count towards your teams final ladder position. These round along with your team nomination will be used to determine your teams ultimate grade for regular season play. But also note that teams can and will be regraded after grading is over.

Please note that given there are plenty of new faces mismatches in grading may occur. But grading enables us to match teams closely over the remainder of the season.


As this is week 1 your the first installment of the teams fees are now overdue. So if the deposit hasn’t been paid our treasurer (Brad), will be contact over the coming week to chase up payment.


Princes Park Touch is a non profit run by and for its members ie you guys. Membership confers opportunities and resposnsibilities and as members you are all required to have read the membership faq that is both on our website and a handout in the box. It takes no more than 5 minutes and is essential reading for everyone:

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