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This is week 14 of 16 and the last week of the regular season games.

Finals and playoffs start next week but at PPT all teams play through until the end of the season (subject to byes). So if you don’t make finals your team will still play friendly games right up to the 30th of August. So this is not the last week!!

Grading and ladders:
Ladders and draws running into the last week are here: https://princesparktouch.com/social-competition/

Weeks 15 & 15, finals and playoffs

Semi Finals begin week 15 and will be a top 4 format (1 v 4 and 2 v 3) Grand finals will be in week 16. There is no extra time in finals at PPT so in the event of draw the team higher on the ladder progresses.

Extra time slot on field 2 in week 15

Due to to member requests we ran shortened programs on all three origin matches this season. This means that next week in order that teams get 13 games over the season we will be running an extra time slot on field 2 starting at 6:00 pm.

This may be inconvenient for the two teams playing at 6:00 PM but we also want to be fair and ensure teams don’t miss out on games.

Teams are reminded of our uniform policy in our faq: https://princesparktouch.com/membership/

Most teams are very good in this regard but for the benefit of our referees penalties for players out of uniform may be enforced in finals.

Pub Sponsor

Teams are also reminded of our pub sponsor, the Doutta Galla Hotel, and the jug vouchers that are available to teams after their games at PPT.  I haven’t been able to get along this season so any feedback on the social side the Doutta Galla has been going would be appreciated.

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