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In addition to a typical Christmas message this does also contain some useful info around what we have been up to and the plan for 2017. 😉

Draws and Grades

During the mid season break we will be finalising the grades and publishing draws for the rest of the season (ie no more week to week draws), these will be available early in the new year, any special requests please let me know before then.


As a non profit incorporated association devoted to touch football we believe our players should be members. Essential to this is having a complete list. As such we may need to chase up  captains of teams with incomplete player details over the break (if your team list is incomplete).

Represent PPT in 2017

As well as the second half of our touch season 2017 also brings the opportunity to represent PPT.

And in particular the yourPodiatrist Cup on the 21st January 2017 in Portland, and the Affiliates Cup on Sunday 26th February 2017 (Social divisions) at Betula Reserve, Doveton.

we are looking not just for players but for people to captain teams so please let us know if you are keen and spread the word!

Your ideas?

This year we have been investing  in making the competition better. Examples are the new flags and the representative program I mentioned above. However we welcome your ideas on other things we can do?

Finally enjoy Christmas and hope to see you fighting fit (not fat!), when we return on the 11th of January

Pete and Brad

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