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This week we are going to address refereeing, origin, and provide a laying tip!

Again this week this is a reminder we are looking to bring on new referees this season. If you are keen to join the refereeing ranks please let us know. It is a great opportunity to have fun, keep fit, make friends, earn money, and will make you a better player.

Origin and draw
Due to us running shortened nights in the first half on the season a lot of team are having byes. This will settle down after the last origin in week 9.

Playing the ball when touched
This is a playing tip. When you are touched you need to play the ball. In most cases if you knwo you are about to be touched initiate the touch first and play the ball (stops you having to step back to be on the mark). Secondly there is no need to roll the ball. Just place it on the ground and step over it.

Any questions?