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This content has been archived and may be out of date.

As per the website Royal Park Touch returns this week and there is plenty of news. We are up too week 10 of our 16 week comp (the longest in Melbourne). A draw for this week is available here:


A full draw for the rest of the season will be published shortly.  I apologise for  the delay but I have been busy with several important things which I will outline…

New website

As you may have noticed I have redesigned the website. There are still some further modifications to things like the colour scheme pending but the new design should be faster and easier to navigate. The aim is for it to be the best amateur sports site in Australia but to get there any feedback on how I can make it better is appreciated.

New fields

Due to wear and tear on the Mcalister oval the council have moved us off that oval and onto the Walker oval in Royal Park south of the zoo (effectively splitting our comp). A map of the new field configuration including the new location of fields 1 and 2 is available here:


It is important is you are playing of fields 1 or 2 (mostly higher grade teams) that you let your team mates know that they are playing at a new location.

Affiliates Cup

On Sunday the 01st of February, TFV are running the Affiliates cup at Elwood park. RPT is planning on putting in mens, womens and mixed teams. More info here:


So if anyone in your team has what it takes to play for RPT let Brad Chant know, email back this address or phone him on: 0400 070 077.

Look forward to seeing you out there in 2015!

List of players

Unfortunately the national body (Touch Football Australia), require us to keep a full list of players playing in our comp. As such if you have not sent in a fll list of players please do so ASAP (unregistered players will to be able to play finals).

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