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Royal Park Touch’s motto is “social touch in the heart of Melbourne” and over the last 5 years this combination of friendly touch and a great location has seen the competition almost double in size from 23 teams in 2007 to a record 42 teams in the 2012/13 season.

On the field growth has not just been in team numbers with the number of experienced teams growing and consequently so has the standard. In the top grade Dutch Rudders have stepped up again after winning B grade in 2011/12 and are now heading up A grade in their second season. But the competition is tight with last years champions Lories Vipers and perennial contenders Dunneworthy in their 10th season are nipping at their heels.

However growth presents challenges and during the previous 2011/12 season it was apparent that the capacities of RPT’s loyal refereeing ranks were being stretched.

By approaching regular players at RPT to try refereeing many have taken the opportunity to do the course and gain experience and pleasingly 6 new regular referees have been badged including 4 new badged referees when Cliff visited and assessed the refereeing group.

President of Royal Park Touch Peter
Shaw thanked his Treasurer Toby Cooper for his hard work and lead referees Giancarlo Leung and Brad Chant for their support and experience in coaching our new referees.

He also commented on how happy he and Toby are to be part of the continued growth in Touching the inner North of Melbourne..