Wednesday week 4 – 29th of May 2024

Mixed regular season round 2

Women’s final round

Men’s final round

Week 4 is the final night of the women’s and men’s competitions. All players in the men’s and women’s competitions should keep the evening free as following the game their will be presentations and drinks in the clubhouse

Note the large number of byes will cease after week 5.

Field 1 # Field 2 # Field 3 #
6:10 Pretty Astrid Steve Ebbage Look but don’t touch Lauren Mann The Blues👨🍻 Simon Jeary
Untouchables Amy Chow & Ben McSweeney The Parrots Andrew Edbrooke & Jono Tay The Turtles👨🍻 Karthik Rajesh & Nathan Bricknell
7:00 Boss Ladies👩📷🍻 Steve Ebbage Queen Bees👩📷🍻🏆 Lauren Mann The Yellows👨🍻🏆 Simon Jeary
Wonder Women👩📷🍻 Phil Wallis & Kirk Walker Pink Panthers👩📷🍻🏆 Roger Young Patchwork👨🍻🏆 Karthik Rajesh & Nathan Bricknell
8:00 Snapes on a plane Matthew Wilson The Fantails Andrew Edbrooke Sugar Gliders Giancarlo
PWR Amy Chow Chis Chargers Roger Young Not from here David Watts
8:50 KP Phantoms Zan Macahon The Dolphins Andrew Edbrooke Tuggeranong Hyperdome Giancarlo
The Hoonies Phil Morrison The Big Lincs Roger Young Tryz and Beerz Dylan Shepherd

Bye: Dunneworthy, Legs O’ Ham United, Electric Mayhem, The Lost Children, Touched Up, LUV of Touch, Lakers, and Slightly Touched