Preliminary draw

Field 1 # Field 2 # Field 3 # Field 4 # Field 5 # Field 6 #
6:00 The Flagons (d1) Untouchables (e2) Touched Up (d2) 100 Shots (f1) Hammertime Ixtreme Team
Muchos Touche (d4) Don’t want no scrum (e3) Boats N Hoes (d3) Disco Step (f4) The Magic touch Can’t Touch this
6:45 Dunneworthy (a2) The Nice tries (b2) That Don’t Impress Me Touch (e1) Scrum on my face (f2) Midnight Runners Phantoms
Yippee Try Yey (a3) Lakers (b3) Inappropriate Touching (e4) Must tag Sally (f3) Touch & Go Spiderpigs
7:25 The Titans (a1) Barlies (c1) The Goodies (b1) Easy Touch Tiger (c2) No woman no try Touch Me In the Dark
Comic book heroes (a4) Pretty Astrid (c4) Dust Donkeys (b4) Traded For A Washing Machine (c3) Slightly Touched Good Try

Bye: UV Black, Putney Panthers, Team Touchasaurus, Heidelberg Dissenters, The lost Children, Electric Mayhem, Sugar Gliders, Touch is life, The Burrow

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Peter Shaw

Peter Shaw has been involved in touch since 2001 when he returned from playing semi professional rugby in England. He is the president and founder of Princes Park Touch Association