Merry Christmas and on to 2022

Merry Christmas and on to 2022

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In addition to a typical Christmas message this does also contain some useful info around what we have been up to and our plans for 2022. 😉

But first I’d like to reflect on 2021. Its been a tough year but I think PPT has navigated it well. During these times with the disruption and working from home I know playing touch with and socialising with friends in an amazing park environment was something many (including myself) looked forward too.

I was especially proud of the fact that not only did we finish the 2021 Winter season (in November) but also grew participation this year to record levels. Across our various arms we were already the largest touch organisation in the state but thrillingly for the first time our mid week social competitions are now the biggest in Victoria (11 years ago we were 4th).

Especially pleasing is the history we now have in our park competition. One team now in its 20th year playing at PPT and many with 15 years or more of history still running around. This season we also started our Juniors program and will be running a second module in 2022 so we can now look at getting multiple generations involved.

Anyway let look at what is coming up

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