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Please read these Terms and Conditions as they are to be understood by all participants. These Terms and Conditions, and all other policies located on must be accepted by the Team Contact prior to accepting a place in the competition.

Participation Fees

Team Registration Fee for Winter 2015 will be $1280 inc GST per team. Payments can be made at the time of registration or teams can wait to be invoiced for their team fees.

All Team Fees include the following:
All weekly team fees
Sportscover Personal Accident Insurance. Details at
SportsPass Discount Card for all registered players

The entry fee covers all costs, fields, referees, insurance, equipment and the Touch Football Australia affiliation fee.

Total costs will be split between a deposit of $470 payable before the start of the season and the residual due before round 3. Please note it is team captains responsibility to ensure all fees are paid in full once the competition commences.

Based on 12 registered players, the fee works out to approx. $9 per person per game.

Fees may be paid by EFT or cheque

Please note:
The person invoiced must be over 18 years of age.
If you have any special requests for the invoice, such as in a company name, please advise us as early as possible. Unfortunately players cannot be invoiced individually.


Teams who pay in full but withdraw in writing less than seven days prior to the commencement of their first game, will forfeit 25% of their paid balance. Full refunds will be given to teams who withdraw in writing at least 14 days prior to their first game. Once the season has commenced, no refunds will be provided.

Important Dates

The important dates and fixtures for the season will be published on the website


Players registration is available via the form on the website

It is important to register all players into your team otherwise they will not be covered for insurance and will not be eligible to play in finals matches. Please note that all playing members of the team, including the Team Contact, need to be registered.

If a team members name continues to be missing from the sign on sheet after registering, or any other registration issues please contact us as soon as possible.
If you play in multiple teams in the competition you still need to register for each team that you play in.

First Aid and TFA Player Insurance

Basic first aid is available from your Ground Control desk including ice and dressings.
All financial and registered team players who have signed on for a particular match are covered under the TFA Player Insurance Policy. This covers medical treatment costs associated for any injuries that have occurred while playing Touch Football.
To be covered under the insurance scheme the following must occur:
Teams must be fully financial with Touch Football Australia
Injured player must be registered (i.e. printed on the team sheet).
Injured player must be signed on.

Casual Players (or Fill-in players) are only covered by TFA Player Injury Insurance if they are registered prior to the game.

If you are injured whilst playing please immediately report the injury to the Grounds Control desk and fill out an injury report form which can be found here. You may then proceed to receive appropriate medical treatment from your chosen qualified medical professional. If the injury requires ongoing treatment then you may make a claim directly with Sportscover Australia Claims. Sportscover will handle all claims directly and can be contacted on 1300 134 956.

Sportscover may require additional paperwork from to process your claim. Please email us to obtain this.
For optimal claim returns, it is recommended that all receipts are kept and initial claim notification is made within 30 days of injury even if you are still undergoing treatment.

For more information on the insurance coverage please see the Sportscover Insurance brochure located on


Grading fixtures will be announced three days prior to the first week of competition, usually one week at a time. Full season fixtures will be published after the grading period.

Teams are expected to make themselves available for all timeslots. Accommodation for special game time requests it at our discretion and cannot be guaranteed.

We will endeavour to allocate teams to a variety of timeslots throughout the season. If you feel this hasn’t occurred please contact us as soon as possible.

Single Players Database

A Single Players Database is provided for single players who are looking for a team or teams who are looking for extra players. If you are interested in this database, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Finals Structure and Dates

Finals details for each competition will be announced during the season. These may vary but are usually held over a two week period following the final round and any rescheduled rounds.

Semi Final and Grand Final dates will generally be made available two weeks prior to the commencement of the final series. Times of matches will not be confirmed or displayed until final results are known. Teams will need to consult the web after their match to see their confirmed time slot for the following week. Any requests need to be by no later than 12pm on the day following your final round/semi final match.

Game Times and Duration

Game times at each venue differ according to field availability and council restrictions.

Games will be 2 x 20 minute halves and a 3-4 minute half time break.
Competition Points
All competitions will have the following points system:

    • Win 3 points
    • Draw 2 points
    • Loss 1 point
    • Advised Forfeit 1 point (for the offending team; 0 – 7 loss recorded)
      3 points (for the non-offending team; 7 – 0 win recorded)
    • Unadvised Forfeit -2 point (for the offending team; 0 – 7 loss recorded)
      3 points (for the non-offending team; 7 – 0 win recorded) *

Teams need to be on the field and in position at the designated start time. If a team is not ready to play after five minutes of game time then the Referee may declare the match a forfeit. A minimum of four players are required to be on the field to commence a match. The match may still be played as a scratch match if the team eventually arrives, however a Referee may not always be able to be provided if required at other matches.

*Teams who have given adequate notice and followed our procedure for teams with low numbers outlined in our FAQ: will be classified as an advised forfeit. Those that do not will have an unadvised forfeit recorded. This decision on classification is it at the absolute discretion of the organisers.


If your team has any concerns or wishes to submit a complaint about the competition, it is the responsibility of the Team Contact to raise the issue with the Ground Control desk as soon as the incident occurs. It is very difficult for us to adequately manage the situation and provide a positive outcome if we are notified after the game or in the days or weeks following.

If you feel it requires further action then your complaint needs to be formalised in writing via email as soon as possible. Any complaints will be investigated and be kept confidential to external parties.

The Referee is the sole judge on matters of fact and is required to adjudicate on the rules of the game during play. The Referee may impose any sanction necessary to control the match (Rule 18.2).

On Field Discipline Procedures

Under the TFA Playing Rules 7th Edition there are a number of measures that Referees can utilise to help encourage a positive and enjoyable atmosphere and allow the game to be played in the right spirit. These rules will be enforced at all venues.

Player backchat and abuse of players, supporters or Referees will not be tolerated and the following approaches may be undertaken. Team Contacts may ask for a Referee for clarification on any decision provided it is done in a respectful manner and provides no disruption to the game.

The following are adapted from Touch Football Australia Playing Rules 7th Edition.

Players who breach the rules of Touch are liable to penalty or other appropriate action according to the seriousness of the infringement in accordance with applicable rules

Players who continually breech the playing rules are liable for dismissal. Team Contacts are responsible for the conduct of players in their team and should be aware that undisciplined players are disruptive to the spirit of the game.

Any Player may be dismissed as follows:

(a) Forced Substitution
A Player may be sent from the field at any time, for a breach of the Rules of the Game, at the Referee’s discretion, as a forced substitution.
The player is to substitute with another player in the teams interchange area and a penalty may be awarded.
The player is not required to remain in the interchange area for a minimum period and there is no requirement for a warning prior to a forced substitute.
A player can only be forced substituted once per game, subsequent infringements will result in a Period of Time or send off.

(b) Period of Time
A player dismissed for repeated infringements or any offence requiring more than a penalty or forced substitution is to move from the field of play and remain in a position midway along the team’s offensive dead ball line.
The dismissed player cannot be replaced and can only be recalled back on to the field by the Referee after an appropriate period of time has been served depending on the severity of the incident.
The player must not communicate with any player or Referee during this time.
If a player receives multiple Period of Time send offs during a season further action may be taken at the discretion of the Competition.

(c) Remainder of Match
A player dismissed after any ‘Period of Time’ dismissal, or for an offence such as gross misconduct or a dangerous act is to take no further part in that match and is to move no closer than 10 metres from the score line.
The player cannot be replaced for the remainder of the game and that player shall receive an automatic two week suspension from all TFA affiliated competitions. This suspension may be increased at the discretion of the Competition depending on the severity of the incident. Please note that when a player is sent for the remainder of the match, it is an automatic two week suspension and this will act as a “Notice of Finding” under this ruling.
The Referee is the sole judge of the severity of any on field penalty.

PPT has had very few incidences because it does not take team and player discipline lightly.

A general list of offences that may come under these rules are as follows:

  • Continual breaches of the rules
  • Swearing towards other players or Referees
  • Disputing Referee decisions and towards Referees or other players
  • Bad sportsmanship
  • Fighting
  • Using unnecessary physical force in making a touch
  • Tripping
  • Any other action which is not in the spirit of the game

Tribunal Matters
Any players sent off for the remainder of the game, face an automatic two match suspension. Some incidents will be referred directly to a Tribunal and the sentence will depend on the severity of the incident. Any Tribunal matter will be heard and determined by an independent committee.

Players or teams wishing to appeal against any suspension are required to pay a $200 appeal fee, which is only refundable if the appeal is successful. Any appeal of a suspension must be made in writing and provided to PPT, within the timeframes specified on the notice of suspension.
For more information on the TFA Disciplinary Process go to

Grading of Teams

PPT reserves the right in its absolute discretion to grade teams to ensure even compettion.

A ‘grading’ period will take place in the first two weeks. Based on results in this period teams will be placed in grades at the discretion of the competition. Further grading changes may be made following this at our discretion

Fixtures will be released one week in advance during the grading period.

If a team would like to request regrading, a written request is required to be submitted to us. Please note regrading requests are not always able to be met.

Teams will be removed from the competition due to non-payment of fees. If teams are withdrawn from a division, team numbers may need to be adjusted to ensure affected divisions remain viable.

Responsibility of the Team Contact

The Team Contact has a number of key responsibilities including but not limited to:
Ensure team fees are paid in full and that you have no outstanding debts with the competition.
Ensure all members of your team are registered and are appearing on the sign on sheet.
Ensure all of your team members participating in a particular match are signed on before the match with their correct player number listed.
Ensure your team has matching uniforms with permanent numbers that are not predominately white or light grey in colour.
Ensure every member of your team adheres to the Terms and Conditions, abides by the rules of the sport, and plays in the right spirit. If players breach these then it is your responsibility to control your players, not the Referees.
Ensure that if your team may be in danger of forfeiting they follow the procedure outlined in the FAQ section of the website.
Ensure that your team have read and are familiar with the TFA 7th Edition Playing Rules, which can be found on
Sign the scorecard following each match.

Players Playing for Multiple Teams

Players must not be registered or play for two teams within the same grade. For example a player can play for a Wednesday Mixed E team and then play for a Mixed D team later that night but not in another Wednesday Mixed E team. If there are multiple divisions with the same letter grade, these are classed as separate divisions.
If a player is involved in two teams and wishes to play in the same level on the same night please notify us prior to the season to ensure the teams are placed in opposite grades. This will also ensure that the player will have fewer time clashes during the season.

Mixed Team Compositions

As per the TFA Rules of the game, the minimum number of males on the field is one and maximum amount of males on the field is three. If your team does not have enough females playing on a particular night, permission may be sought from the Referee and the opposition Team Contact to vary this composition to avoid forfeiting the game.

Finals Qualification

All players must have played a minimum of one third of the season’s matches. This equates to four games in a 12 Round season.

The calculations of games played for finals qualifications is achieved by counting the number of times players have signed in on the official sign on sheets. If you are not registered (name printed on the sheet) and do not sign in it does not count.

Byes do not count as games
Washouts count as games for all registered players
Forfeits count for all registered players of the non-offending team.

Some exemptions may be granted in the event of long term injuries or other extenuating circumstances. This will only occur if the player being exempt is registered and has played games for that team in that season. This must be done in writing by 12pm on the Monday preceding your final.

If ineligible players are found to have played during a finals game, the offending team risks forfeiting the game at our discretion.

PPT takes no responsibility if players fail to sign in, are unregistered or do not appear on the sign on sheet and therefore do not qualify for finals.

Match Night Procedures

Sign on Procedure

Signing on is a very important part of playing in any Touch Football competition in Australia. It is used to calculate the number of games a person has played as well as provides coverage under the Touch Football Australia Player Injury Insurance provided by Sportscover.

Players must sign on themselves, not on behalf of others, on the official sign on sheet before every game.
They must sign next to their printed name on the sheet and place their player number in the appropriate box (if applicable).
If your name does not appear printed on the sheet then you are required to report it to your Team Contact and get yourself registered. In the meantime, neatly print your name and place your signature next to it.
Referees will check the sign on sheets before the game to ensure everyone is signed in.
It is the responsibility of the Team Contact to ensure all players are signed in for each match and any late comers must be signed on by half time.

Uniform Requirements

For the first 5 weeks a team is considered in uniform if that a team is clothed in tops (t-shirt, polo, etc) of a similar colour. The tops do not need to be the same but they do need to be close enough in colour and design that the referee can tell players are on the same team.After round 4 there is an additional requirement for unique numbers on the back of each uniform, numbers can be in taped, drawn, or pinned on but they must be legible to the referee.Teams may be penalised for players not in uniform. The penalty will be in the form of tries per player not in uniform awarded to the non offending team (up to a maximum of 2 tries).

Team Contacts are strongly advised to organise a matching team shirt for their fill in player or at the very least be wearing the same colour as the team with a number attached.

Teams are NOT permitted to wear white or light grey uniforms as they will clash with Referees.

Players are also required to wear appropriate shorts or pants for sport. Eg no Jeans or other inappropriate clothing. There is no requirement for the shorts or pants to be the same colour.

Compression garments are allowed provided they do not cover the playing shirt.


PPT has a no jewellery policy for player safety. Players are to remove all items including watches, piercings, earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces or any other jewellery. If the jewellery cannot be removed please ensure you bring some tape to cover it and ensure it remains covered for the entire match.

Footwear Policy

Players are allowed to play with runners or football boots with moulded studs. No screw in or metal studs are allowed.

Match Results

Updated ladders, results and games played will be posted two days following the night of competition.

If you feel that the match results are incorrect on the score card then you must bring this up with the Referee before signing the card. Once both Team Contacts sign the scorecard then the score is final.

If you feel the result is displaying incorrectly on the website please email us as soon as possible.

Cancellation of Matches (including Weather Policy)

At PPT we would only cancel or postpone games if we consider conditions dangerous for our players. The two primary examples of this are:

        • Lightning in the imminent area such that it may strike competitors. This will generally be judged on the night and if lightning is imminent games will be temporarily be halted until it clears.
        • Extreme heat, which we interpret as temperatures forecast to be above 36 degrees at game time. This will be based on the forecast temperature for the time the game is scheduled to kickoff, if a time slot(s) is called off the website will be updated by 6:15 PM on game day (we will also try to email captains). Note each timeslot will be assessed separately so later games will almost always go ahead (as temperature will typically drop over the evening).

Please note we may shorten or add additional breaks to our games if temperatures are above 30 degrees (however the games will go ahead), usually by having a drinks break mid way through each half.

In the event we do cancel games it will first be posted to the website, and then an email would be sent to the effected team captains. So the process is if there is no notice on the website the assumption is that the games are going ahead (so emails asking us are unnecessary).

Communication Procedures

Any competition news or changes affecting teams at the competition will be communicated via the website, as the main form of contact. Secondary communication is via email so please ensure you have a valid email address listed with us and that you check it regularly. Please also ensure you check your Junk Mail Folder.

Alcohol and Tobacco Policy
For safety of all players and officials, any participant that has consumed alcohol before their match, or is intoxicated will not be allowed to take the field of play.
Smoking is also not permitted near the fields or pavilion at any venue.

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