Team entry conditions

On Wednesdays evenings over Winter and Wednesdays and Thursdays evenings over Summer, Princes Park Touch Association runs social touch football competitions for adults to further the aims of our organisation

If you are entering, considering, or have entered a team into one of those competitions this document is essential as it outlines the conditions under which Princes Park Touch Association runs those competitions and what is expected from the person who enters the team (the team contact).

Members Faq

The most important document in our association is the members faq. All regular players are members and we expect you as captain to have read it and also every regular player on your team to be familiar with it it

Fees and games

Our competitions are usually the run over a 14 to 18 week period with teams usually play 14 games over the period including finals games. The team entry fee for this is $1350, which covers all costs including insurance and affiliation with our governing body, Touch Football Australia. .

The team entry fee is split between a deposit of $500 which we expect before the commencement of the season and a residual of $850 which we expect before week 3 of the competition. The team contact may request different payment deadlines but this should be agreed beforehand. Non financial teams may be expelled from the competition.

If a fixtured round of games cannot be played due to cancellation we will endeavour to replay the game but this is not always possible: However we guarantee a minimum of 12 games per team and if the number of games per teams falls below that minimum we will arrange a pro rata refund of the team entry fee.

Player eligibility

Subject to the format of the competition anyone may play in a team but the team contact must ensure that no more than 2 representative players are playing regularly on the team. Having representative players fill in is fine but if a player has played more than 3 games they are a regular player. Only regular players can play finals and all regular players must also be registered with us. Occasional player who are filling in do not need to register but every player (fill in and regular) must use our sign on system every week for insurance purposes.


Teams are also expected to be in uniform. During the first two grading weeks we apply some latitude on this but from week 3 penalties will be enforced. Having new or fill in players in not a valid for any player being out of uniform and as such teams should have spare uniforms available.

No forfeits EVER

Teams should always field a team every week. To do not do so is unfair on you opponents who expect a game. At PPT we have a simple system that prevents forfeits. If it is followed forfeits do not occur and teams do not miss out on games. So be organised and work with us on this

Teams that do not follow it they may be ejected from the competition.

Act in good faith

At PPT we will go the extra mile to ensure you and you team have an enjoyable season with us. We will always try to help and act in good faith and we expect the same.

*** Specialist competitions like our Summer women’s and junior competition may have different conditions than specified above due to having a shorter season.

Published by

Peter Shaw

Has been involved witth Touch football since 2000 after return from playing semi professional rugby in England. He is the founder and president of Princes Park Touch.